Alaska, July 2018

Cindy's Photos
IMG 1569  The view when we were hiking in Juneau. Steve (Bevo) and Becky when we start our journey. IMG 1578  One of many waterfalls. IMG 1583 B  Dave with South Sawyer Glacier in the background.
IMG 1593  Our ship about 3 miles from the glacier. IMG 1598  Our guide pulled out an iceberg for us. IMG 1604  Happy hour. IMG 1625  A humpback whale's fluke.
IMG 1631  Steve and Joey are launched from the back of the ship. IMG 1632 B  Lydia and Becky in the sea kayak. IMG 1637  Nick and Stephen are ready to be launched... IMG 1639  ...and they're off.
IMG 1644  Stephen and Nick kayaking. IMG 1653  Gramps and James. IMG 1655  Nana and James. IMG 1665  Very close to a very big waterfall.
IMG 1670  Playing a power grid game. IMG 1674 B  At the top of our climb up Mt. Dewey in Wrangel. IMG 1681  The view from the top of our climb. IMG 1684  James, Joey, Nick and Lydia.
IMG 1691  Becky at the top of our climb. IMG 1701  50th wedding anniversary party. IMG 1714  One of the staff, Andrew, teaching our group how to play Mao. IMG 1734  Becky.
IMG 1747  Cindy after climbing up beside that waterfall. IMG 1765  Nick and Lydia on a skiff tour. IMG 1785  James. IMG 1787  Joey and Nick learned how to fold the napkins like sailboats.