Alaska, 2018

Dave's Photos
IMG 2648  James and Amy hiking in Juneau. IMG 2649  Gramps and Nana on the Juneau hike. IMG 2653  Becky and Stephen on the sun deck. IMG 2717  Sunset on the way to Wrangel.
IMG 2733  One of many waterfalls. IMG 2772  Another waterfall. IMG 2790  Lydia, Stephen, James and Nick. IMG 2807  Stephen and Becky with their kayak splash skirts on.
IMG 2822  Polar bear plunge. Joey. IMG 2828  Nick. IMG 2837  Steve. IMG 2843  Lydia.
IMG 2849  Who is this? IMG 2850  James. IMG 2864  Stephen. IMG 2876  Gramps by a totem in Ketchikan.